If destiny is a journey, faith is the gatekeeper!


Faith is like water. It is resilient. It is persistent. It cuts down mountains of evil with its unwavering verve. It is at times, baffling too. If you hold on to it, it also gives you a peek into destiny’s Tambola. The numbers are there. The pathways are set. But whether it is the snake or the ladder depends on how the dice shall choose to roll. Sometimes, the numbers are favorable. Sometimes, they are not. And when they are not, Einstein’s theory of relativity comes into play. Hard times drag by at a snail’s pace. Sometimes, the feeling of getting through a tough phase in life resonates with being stuck in an elevator wherein, you are just pushing buttons aimlessly to see if anything works at all. Sometimes, the feeling is dense and, it almost closes on you like an invisible cloak of darkness. Sometimes, a simple sunrise is what you need at the moment, one ray of light, one shimmer of hope that things will turn out for better. And no matter how heavy the heart feels, the tiny flicker of hope burns, sometimes less brightly. But burn, it does! And, that hope keeps the faith alive.

I watch Crime Patrol series sometimes. I am not quite regular at it but, I do watch the show. I love the way Anup Soni points out the fundamentally gone wrong facets of our society. I also love the show as it shows the police force in a good light, wherein the police is perceived bad for more obvious reasons. The show is disturbing. But, I watch it for one and only one reason and that is, the power of faith and patience! While some breathe their last owing to another man’s sins, there are some who survive untold horrors of the world and, come out battered, worn out and drained but, alive. Such survivors are no less than warriors. Women and children who have escaped the iron shackles of human trafficking with their courage and faith, parents who have continued to live on in pain of having lost their children to unnatural death, families that chose to fight back the feudal setup in villages overwhelm me. Such people make me realize the worth of time and life. But more so, they exemplify the power of hope and faith! Somewhere during their days of sheer terror, they sought the faint light of hope and clung to it with all their lives, just to make it to the next sunrise. Watching such real life emulated stories, I am blessed to have a roof over my head with good clothes to wear, good food to eat, a sound education to sustain and a loving family that gives me a lot of love.

Eventually, peace of mind comes down to basics– to be surrounded by good people, moral values and a spiritual way of life. Which is why, I ponder deeply over the complexity of Nature’s design. Why do some people suffer unfathomable brutality? Why are some children born with genetic defects? Why are some animals subjected to intolerable cruelty in breeding homes, whereas some bask in the warmth of a loving family? Well, the answers pertaining to Karma shall remain a mystery. And, even as I write I know that I am not seeking an answer. Because…..this is what Steve Jobs had to say about destiny!

steve jobs

Yes, I have faith in destiny. Even though I question destiny every single time, I respect it. For me, it is a silent companion who doesn’t believe in exposition theory. It is seductively secretive. Sometimes, it leaves behind the bread crumbs. And sometimes, it leaves an entire signpost behind! And, we miss both many a time! Don’t we? The nuances of the daily grind, the terrifyingly cold fears of unknown and, the lull that spurts between the closing of eyes and, the REM cycles totally blindfolds us before destiny. And in such times, the sub consciousness flames the hopes and, faith is born again. Trust, you must as this shall pass too!

Hope – Drag the carriage of destiny with all your might!

Faith – Just keep burning bright!

The world needs both in tonnes!



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