Thoughts at zero.

It has something to do with the unusual power nap I had in the morning. No, it was not a power nap. It was a power slumber, rather. Parents had left for Chennai at 6 in the morning. They had a plane to catch from Jaipur. A had left for school at 7. FIL had left for his morning walk after seeing A off in the bus.  And, here I was groggy eyed with a splitting headache. After sitting for a few minutes, I slouched in the couch and, I know not when the beautiful slumber of 2 hours exact, hit me.


The past week was tumultuous. There were a litany of social engagements, health issues and, a lot of pending drafts on the work front. Assignments were to be done. The study part had become a thing of the past. And then, we lost a loved one too. The bereavement part was the most severe of all. And, all of it took a toll on everyone at home.

However, today after a long long time, I experienced the ecstasy of a good slumber. It was like falling into an abyss but, the experience was surreal and ecstatic. Usually, I never doze off at home that too, in the morning. And whenever I do in the after noon, I make sure, the doors are latched, the curtains cover the room and, the lights are off. However, today I just dozed off with little care about the doors and the curtains. Trust the lord, is what I read on the invitation card of my beautiful sleep.

I usually dream a lot. I remember a few weird ones but, not in detail. Let’s say, I am not good with the memory part concerning my dreams. But this time, it was a different experience. There were no dreams, except for some faces that popped up with little coherence. When the slumber kicked in, I could feel the aura of ‘Nidra Devi’ descend over me. With eyes closed, I could feel my fingers uncurling, my toes relaxing and, my body emanating a weariness I cannot explain. It was as if all the mental fatigue was being scrubbed away gently. This is one of the few times when I have not felt the vicious sleep demons sit on my neck and, paralyze me. This slumber was different. It was peaceful. Even, as I was pitch deep in sleep, I was fully conscious of my surroundings and, could even sense my white tissue curtains swaying in the morning breeze. All the worries, anxieties and panic left me and, it felt divine. It was as if mind and body wanted one thing in unison – Thoughts at zero.

This is perhaps the best slumber I have had in years…..


P.S: This is how I slept!

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