When the father and the son converse……

…..the mother sits back, puts her feet up, sips a cup of tea and exudes her trademark attitude – “Ha! Let the games begin!”


A long telephonic conversation between the hubby and my son (who studies in grade 1)…..

Hubby: How was your school?

Son: Yeah..fine…

Hubby: Did you have lunch?

Son: Not yet…

Hubby: What did mum give you in tiffin?

Son: Bread jam…

Hubby: hmmm…How was your race? It was today, right?

Son: hmm..I ran well….

Son promptly hands over the phone to me.

Hubby: What happened? Why isn’t he talking? He was answering in monosyllables. All fine? Did he do something today, again? Any comments from teachers? Is he fine?…..no, wait – Did you scold him? See! I knew…why do you have to scold him before I call him up?

Me: Have you finished? Because if you have, I have to sit down with him for homework after lunch.

Hubby: ok….

Both of us hang up.

10 minutes later, post lunch –


Son: Mum, I have to speak to dad.

Me: Why? You spoke to him a few minutes ago.

Son: Yeah. But, I have to speak. Please dial his number.

(Was this a strategy to escape home work, I wondered…) Nevertheless, I oblige.

So, begins a conversation full of crazy stuff! ENJOY 😀


Son: Pa, are there birds in your area?

Hubby: yes..a few…..why do you ask?

Son: Are there parrots too?

Hubby: no, not spotted yet….

Son: Why?

Hubby: I mean, I haven’t seen one here, yet. Why do you ask?

Son: Do humans eat parrots?

Here, I could actually visualize a tiara of stars circling over the hubby’s head!!

Hubby (clearing throat) : ehhh…err……ummm….no…

Son: How can you say that? My friend yohan says that some humans eat parrots too!

Hubby: seriously?

Son: You don’t believe my friend?

Hubby: eehh…errr….ummm…well I do….maybe some humans who live in jungles may be eating parrots too…

(quickly sensing the need to change the topic, hubby proceeds)

So, have you got your home work today?

Son: I have to check. Only then, I can tell you. Pa, I have to ask one more thing.

Hubby: Yeah son, shoot your question!

Son: How did humans come on Earth?

Hubby (a bit flummoxed at the sudden flip in topics): God created everything, including humans…

(And, I was like – Yeah, my love! Blame it on the creator!)

Son: How do you know?

Hubby: Yes, God created everything.

Son: Then, who created God?

There was a pause! I could sense the desperate call for me here. But, I was clearly enjoying this! Sorry darling, you have to deal with the questions by yourself!

Son: hello!!

Hubby: Yes, I am here.

Son: I know that. But, who created God?

Hubby: umm…..God was always there.

Son: That means you don’t know.

Hubby: I do know!

(I felt like barging and telling my son – “Dear son, it is complicated! God created man. And, man created various versions of God…” But, I was in no mood today to let go of the fun!)

Son: So?

Hubby: I will answer it later. First tell me, what is for lunch?

Son: When will you answer it?

Hubby: I will. But first, ask the same to both your grandfathers. And do let me know what answers they gave. Don’t forget to ask your granny! She is the most intelligent homo sapien among us, right!And since they are elder to me and mum, they will know the answers better. They came before us, right?

Son: ok…..

—————————After some more random conversations on Earth and earthlings———–,

Son: So, is there any water body near your place?

Hubby: No, Why do you ask?

Son: Then, how do you get water to drink?

Hubby: We get it. There are water treatment plants everywhere.

Son: What is a water treatment plant? How does it work?

Hubby: Is mum around? I need to speak with her.

I took over the phone.


Hubby: What was that? His questions don’t end! Where does he come up with such crazy questions?  Our little man never ceases to surprise us!

Me: Weren’t you complaining a while ago that, he ain’t talking much? And, for the surprise part – it is not us, just you! I am the self proclaimed, self certified encyclopedia here, remember? The one who gets these questions everyday……

Hubby: I concede defeat, milady! You are doing one hell of a job there! Am so proud!

YES! I waited to hear that last line! And so am I, my love! Proud of you….because you answered the son’s questions way better than I could have! And, let me tell you dear husband, you got the tough ones!

We unlearn to learn again……or maybe, learn to unlearn!



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