Things that still overwhelm me.

Have you ever felt how waiting could drive you insane? Especially when those moments when you are waiting for your loved one and, even if the wait period is just stepping on the end, you find the final moments quite agonizing…. I remember a dialogue exchange between the Preacher and the diver  from the movie – Deep Blue Sea

Preacher: Einstein’s theory of relativity. Grab hold of a hot pan, second can seem like an hour. Put your hands on a hot woman, an hour can seem like a second. It’s all relative.

Tom Scoggins: I spent four years at CalTech, and that’s the best physics explanation I’ve ever heard

I second Tom Scoggins. I get the theory whenever I have to wait for someone 😀

Overwhelmed might be the word. Whenever I go to receive my parents at the railway station, whenever they visit me, I am engulfed by a wave of fast running thoughts that do not even stop over for a siesta! I prance around the station like a tigress with an impatient cub in tow (who is far more impatient when it comes to receiving his grandparents). Last time, the train ran late by thirty minutes and, I had to purchase Miss Funny Bones not because I had wanted to feel the emotion of Twinkle “Blimey!” but to kill the longest 45 minutes on the platform (a 15 minute addition last minute), and from running out on patience on my cub that was busy crafting recipes for disaster. And, when the train arrived, I felt overwhelmed……

It is not just about receiving my parents, but also when hubby returns home after long work assignments, or when we have to travel to a place by train and, the destination is a couple of days away, or even when I have to go for a normal medical check up, I can feel hormones running a circus within me. However, the moment I get through the phase, I feel ridiculously calm. The joy of feeling the mere physical presence of loved ones is the balm that pulls the brakes of the emotional train.

Why do I feel overwhelmed before the moment of calm? I do not know. Maybe the mind has actually imbibed the Simian traits from the avatars of the Monkey King that prowl around my home with the gait of the Gods!  So, I do have a loud mind and, a tongue with an iron curtain. But then, who can stop the monkey mind from venting? And so, the overwhelmed Sagittarius is unstoppable where there is a desktop, an Internet Connection and, a six year old effectively engaged in rehashing the decor of his grandparents’ home!

Stay tuned for more rant-ilicious updates from this overwhelmed Sagittarius woman!

P.S: This is probably how we look while waiting…..

tigress and the cub

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