************cUrLs & CuRvEs***********

We all have that one friend with whom we are enchanted to no end and yet, detest them equally. I am not sure if it is anything close to friendship. But, that sure defines a bond where both kind of accept each other in a way none might comprehend even remotely. Something like Cady and Regina’s relationship from the movie – Mean girls! Mean towards each other with some mushiness hidden within.

And, I am no exception. I too have this someone, with whom my love hate relationship goes up and down the roller coaster, giving ways to situations where in I look and be exactly what I don’t want to look like!


This is exactly the relationship my curls have with me, every time I use my hairbrush. Some strands just give up on both of us and leave my head!

*****************Ouch! My curls!*************


A couple of days back, I had attended a social event. Normally, I tie up my hair. However,  that day I had oiled my hair and, given that I was in two minds on whether to grace the event or not, I postponed on the idea of washing my hair. Finally, my mum pushed me – “Wash that damn hair and, attend the damn event! I am so tired of your procrastination!”

Curls and Curves are something that have come to me with no invitation. I was never skinny and my hair was never straight. My late granny once regaled me with tales of how my mum looked when she was born – “A pink bundle with deep set black eyes and, a big tuft of the most gorgeous black curls on the head. She surely was the most beautiful infant!” I have heard tales of my mum’s beauty from many in the family. Although years of duress and struggles did dent her physical attributes, her inner beauty still shines bright and sunny making her look as striking as ever. So, when I was born, although I was many shades darker than mum in complexion and took to my father’s auburn colored eyes, I did inherit the feisty black curls from my mum. But unlike her soft silky curls, mine were the rough and tough kind! And so, my struggle with curls began as early as that. The struggles with curves shall follow later, which were, needless to say, as aggressive as the curls!


Coming back to present, I decided to wash my hair. For people who know me not in person, I would like to tell you that I have curly hair that begin as low tide on the scalp, transform into high tide somewhere in between and finally transition into spirals towards the end (You know how beautiful, spirals look on your telephones and books!)

Towards the end of the strands, the spirals are acutely stubborn and, simply refuse to show up as long, beautiful and wavy tresses, much to the chagrin of the head that sports the hair. But, that is not what bothers me. What bothers me is my hair decides to let me down exactly on days when I would love to come out with those beautiful curls falling on the right side of my face. Never does that happen!

curl 1

However, on this particular day, my curls decided to trouble me less. I washed my hair and, livened it up with some serum to make it look less frizzy than it actually is. I guess, my hair stayed put for most part of the event until, I plonked myself on a chair oblivious to the fact that there was a pedestal fan right behind me. How my hair enjoyed its freedom needs no guesses. And how, my face resembled a running faucet because the evening chose to be humid only strengthened my hair’s verve to make me go red, blue, yellow, brown and all shades I could possibly think of! I thanked my stars that evening for one saving grace – my bindi. I had made a spiral between my brows with an eyeliner. The idea of a spiral bindi came from the thought that something on the face has to match the something on the head too.

(Take a peek inside my head and, I guess you will find the same –  A labyrinth of spirals…..Shh…..)

Thankfully, the lady who sold the eyeliner to me kept her word on the bluish black liquid as it definitely proved to be water proof! Surprisingly, the ladies at the event were more enthralled with my curls. They looked at me and sighed– “Wish we had those curls! They look gorgeous! ”. If only I could show them the startling visions of reality of severely aching arms and hair infested hair brushes and, the many that died on me, sacrificing their bristles for them! Someone had rightly said – “Wishful thinking is so full of greed”.


And so, the curly hair saga has been my Achilles’ heel since the time I began with school. And, here are some of the choicest comments/compliments that followed suit from school life till now.

 “If I threw an eraser at L’s head, the eraser would slide the way down in a jiffy! But try doing that on N’s head, the eraser shall be imprisoned for life!” (L at school had the most beautiful auburn colored straight shining hair among all the girls. I always professed my intent to exchange my hair with hers…..By the way, I did go for a mushroom cut in 1998)

“If a cockroach or a bug gets into your hair, it is surely going to die of suffocation! And, even if one went inside, how will it warn the others?” (Laughter is good for health. Is it good for the hair too, I wonder)

“So many antennas on your head? Are they for good reception?” (I was academically fine in school. Maybe that explains it)

“Why is your hair so wavy on the scalp? Maybe you should straighten only this part. The rest are natural. You don’t even have to perm your hair!” (At the parlour)

“May be you aren’t oiling your hair a lot. You need to oil the scalp every day” (When the elders have to say something)

“You know….these curls can serve as good pencil stands. Like those carpenters who slide the pencils behind the ears…..you just have to use these curls!” (Something that I have come to accept. Seriously, I tried this. And my pencil refused to fall!)

“OMG…..Look at your hair! I have been brushing through the same patch for the past few minutes…and there has to be some obstacle all the time! And, look at your comb! Your hair is breaking away so much!” (No guesses…this has to be Mum!)

“Those are called copper wires, little copper wires!” (Hubby whispering into the son’s ears….the suppressed giggles are just not suppressed at all)

The litany of comments is endless. I have been so much used to hearing about my stubborn curls that, I have suddenly began to change my attitude towards them!

The curls shall be unfurled on important days. On those days, I shall not come in their wild ways!

But, on regular days, they shall be tied into a bun, no more tangles and no more runs!

(Sorry if you did not like the rhyme. But, I had to.)

That said, I stand firmly by my curls today.  You see, mutual appreciation goes a long way in the act of peaceful coexistence.  And just as the curls and I entered a truce, the other evil twin is peeping through the side, beckoning me – “So, you tamed the curls! But what about your curves?”

A long way to go….a long way to truce!

P.S: By the way, Medusa was beautiful, you know!

*************cUrLs and CuRvEs***************

 curl 5






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