What a beautiful feeling that is. Gratitude.


It is that sunshine feeling that you get what you need and, get what you may have wished for but, haven’t demanded it, and you got it only because someone out there saw your work with the same silence that you did your work with!

It is exactly that feeling of being indebted to someone with a prelude of an innocent triumph over those small bouts of success.

It is a constant reminder of the fact that – Success is a beautiful butterfly that does not profess its loyalty to one. It fills its wings with the hues that belong to everyone around that one person aiming for the goal.

Small pebbles of appreciation. Kind words of encouragement. A pat on the back for overcoming initial hurdles. They all go a long way for everyone.

And, I am happy. A reason that may have recurred in the past prodded me today to see and, acknowledge the reason. Yes. I have come a long way from writing amateurish posts and rants to something that makes more sense and, is more about my experiences rather than I, me myself – the angry woman.

And, I have such a long long long way to go yet. But, walk I will along this path. There may be occasional stumbles and rumbles. There may be large pauses too. But, I shall walk the entire length, as long as it goes. With the genuine acknowledgements that have come from unexpected quarters, I know that there is a part of this world that believes in my dreams, my goal, my purpose. And, my gratitude towards all of them and, you – the readers of this blog shall be my magic wand that shall forever motivate me to pursue my goals.

my blog

A big thank you to @BlogAdda for announcing my blog post as one of the winners of the WoW contest. And, heartfelt thanks to all who read my blog regularly.

And, this is what I have earned 🙂



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