My Foe and I – coexistence, a fait accompli

Only if wishes had wings,

The world would spin on my toes..

And, if pigeons had gills

I might be floating in a surreal realm of incredible dreams…

But then, what if wishes had wings…..

There are a million thoughts buzzing in a human mind. No two minds will think like clones and no! Similar thinking is not synonymous with cloned thoughts. Every thought will be unique in some or the other way. But then, how much do we remember those then-clear-now-blurred thoughts from childhood that never saw the dawn? Thoughts do not die. They just fade into the background after a while. A few interesting thoughts that came to me during my school days were – One, Getting an autograph from then Defense Minister George Fernandes (I admire him still), getting a pair of wings to fly and then, perhaps proving to the world in some or the other way that I will end up becoming a vigilante no matter what. Apparently, the first two that I mentioned have remained thoughts resting in the back burner. However, becoming a vigilante, remained an ambiguous thought cum dream at many stages until I had my Eureka moment – I was meant to be a vigilante in word play, perhaps…..just like sliding a jade pin through mushy bananas! (**Winks**)


Cut back to present, a stingy thought nefariously parades as “Am I successful?” –  The reason for such thought is so vague. And on more occasions, it is appended with a question – “at what?” Now, that is the opposite of vague. Because, the words ‘at what’ flip the whole damn staircase to the top of pyramid. It is like standing in a maze and not knowing where to go with all the goodies we believe we have been blessed with.

About the thought defining success – I would say – I have been moderately successful in surfing past some rogue waves in the ocean of life, of which a few almost caught me by the leg and drowned me (Like, I almost died but, I survived!) and, a few that made me feel like a wise woman in hindsight! (Who likes to admit “I have been a fool!”) Apparently, success is a mirage. And, for every pair of eyes on this planet, the mirage appears not only different but also variably distant. It is like a race against time (RAT) and not people (I have a deluge pent up on RAT – My new found foe) After all, life is a tight walking rope for each one of us there. It is that surf board that each of us surf against the rogue tides with all that we have got. For some, the finish line ends far early and, for a few, it is a drag that takes longer to finish!

So, while a gazillion thoughts are compounding in my tiny head, I could see a lot many people around going through similar draining phases of stagnancy. Yes, women are vocal about their junction phases unlike men. For me, the reason to move to another junction in life is to seek growth, wherein not just professional but personal too. And, the past few months have been extremely edgy and, I would walk for a longer time in mornings just to maintain my sanity. There were those moments when I stopped, took a deep breath and prayed to the Universe – “I want us to evolve. My family seeks a new cuisine for our souls. We need new battles to fight and win. We ought to make new mistakes too. We cannot make friends wherever we go, but we do not want to make any foes either! But, we need to evolve. And, to evolve – we seek new innings given we have overstayed in the current phase of our nomadic lives!”

The Universe is a guarded machine with an indulgent heart. At times, it tests you to an extent that while being pushed to the wall, the wall begins to crumble through you, with you just entering another room with four walls! Do I sound like Alice? I do not have “Eat me” cheese cakes. But, I do have faith just like Alice, that somewhere there is a window waiting to open for us. And, this is something I learned from a newly made foe at my home – The feisty rat!



I thought I hated lizards. But no, I don’t hate them, just that I dislike them. Well, at least I don’t dislike them as much as I cannot coexist with them. And, I sometimes speak to them and tell them – “Dude! Roof crawling is allowed only for ants! Please do not mistake my kindness towards you for complacency!” I think, being vocal worked despite the son and the hubby branding me “Mad!” And then, came the army of black ants, white ants and, very small ants that did go overboard in acknowledging my kindness! They went ahead and unearthed heaps of sand in every room while I sat and gasped in horror – “Seriously?”

Apparently, my sensitivity towards lizards had already caught a rat’s attention and, that was the last straw to be pulled for me! A rat has dug its way into the wall of our garage that opens up behind the cabinets in our kitchen! If Lord Rama had known that rats did pretty much good with making tunnels, the monkeys would have known what competitions do to human beings! (not that they made a tunnel, they made a bridge – I know!)

Now, yours truly is a faujan and, so that you know our homes are animal friendly with crumbling walls, seeping roofs, weeping bathrooms and wooden cabinets – a platter for rodents! But as long as we are with our better halves, we learn to coexist with reptiles and amphibians as well. Mother Nature protects us and so, no complaints! But that said, kitchen is one place I want the creatures to know – Off Limits!

So, where was I? Rats, yes! And so, this rat has been driving me mad. It has chewed away wood, plastics, left my steel and aluminium containers scarred for life and, apparently chewed away the insides of the mouse trap but not before escaping it unscathed! Given that we are moving to a new place in a couple of months, I clench my teeth and repeat to myself – “Narayani! Just a month and we will be out! Breathe! Live and let live” Well, the mother in me doesn’t allow me to, you know why! There is practically nothing I cannot keep in the most comfortably placed cabinets only because they are as comfortably accessed by the rodent! However, I am managing and I can still manage to say – “All is well….All is well in this feline’s home!”

But, cribbing rarely helps anyone for that matter. Maybe, a one time crib helps. And then, the repetition of cribbing begins to accumulate like grime in a drain pipe. The thoughts are stuck.

So, there are a few things the rat, my feisty foe has taught me through the past couple of weeks, with absolute intent to disintegrate my sanity, besides taking the ownership of my home –

  1. One – Keep doing what you have to, even if you are stuck in a bubble. You have to keep those arms and legs moving. You got to keep the routine alive. And, you got to dig deeper into your problems to seek the roots. Only then, can you find the point where you can saw off your problem.


  1. Two – There are going to be rat traps. For you, there are going to be invisible traps given that you are born with the sixth sense. So, if you naively walk into human made traps (I am sure you won’t step into it consciously given your high alert antennas that detect my movements), just sit tight. Buy time and plan your freedom. Planning in a pause period is the best. Because there is nothing else to think or do about in that phase.

Point taken, Mr. Rat!


Apparently, the rat visits have been more sporadic in the past few days. And, I cannot do more than wishing it to go and seek a new home somewhere else…maybe in the woods…..I leave that decision to my foe, given its advantage of its small size and high agility over my extra large silhouette brimming with lethargy!

By the way, if you have any names for this feisty little b(rat), let me know! At least, it would make the goodbyes amicable!


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