****I Hate Puppet Shows****

I never enjoyed puppet shows. I never did.

As a child, I did not like them because they made little sense to me.

As an adult, I began despising them because they made absolute sense to me.

Puppets never inspired me ever. Even as a preschool teacher, I could not remotely relate to that concept. The very touch of those strings made me uncomfortable.

I would NOT know why…until adulting offered no choice to escape and, human driven conflicts made me realize why I hated them so much!!

Those strings!! They bothered me!!! Every time I watched the strings, something always churned at the pit of my stomach. Only then, I did not know why. Now, I do.


The strings of puppets bother me. They hold back potential. And, anything that holds one back from doing something that the heart wants is plain unhealthy!

Look at a puppet and, it has offered some part or whole of the control over its exiatence to someone. Maybe, a puppet has no choice. But then, what if puppets were born with the belief that there is no choice?

We will come to that point in a while.


So…looking deep into the context of puppets…….in some way or the other…we are all puppets…because…..somewhere, someplace a million collision of fates is determining some course of action in our lives. One can argue that destiny is in our hands….but then, who is to say how things shall unfold….it is strange how a million lives get impacted in unspeakable ways when a natural calamity strikes! Would one hold the forte of ‘Destiny in my hands’ even then?

Another basic example where puppet stringing happens is in, raising children. We subconsciously and more often than not, consciously puppet string them.


And much more….but then, it is a requirement when we raise children. A depicable requirement, an evil necessity and a, difficult predicament where setting boundaries for children is important for them whether or not we like It! Why? The world ain’t safe enough for us to let our children evolve with zero inhibitions! As parents, the tiny speck of magma called fear keeps burning and, it reminds us from time to time why we got to embrace the strings as much as we despise them!

And then, there are many other moments like social gatherings and workplaces where we are held back by strings of ‘This will make someone angry and So, I shall tolerate it for my mental peace’ or, ‘being morally neutral keeps us safe’ or, ‘Not my problem (core reason for the #MeToo movement)’

Unfortunately, this kind of fear fans flames of arrogance and, weakens collective voices of reason.

So, you see how puppet stringing in two different contexts above mean different…..rather differently uncomfortable. Strange…..there is nothing to rave about puppet stringing and yet, the world would collapse without It!


I am not sure about how destiny trumbles its fingers on the strings that hold us….And, I have no intention of hijacking its blue prints! Because some day I believe, eveything will fall in place and, everything will make sense.

Maybe, today is not that day.


So, coming back to my earlier point on – what if puppets were born with the belief that they had no choice?

“Puppets are non living. They don’t have a choice any which way”

I guess that is plain arrogance of a man… confident about how his creation ought to function.

So pray tell, how different are we from puppets??

To some extent, each one of us is stringed.

No matter how vehemently one denies its existence, it is there. If you feel judgmental about It, you are yet to face a situation that would probably push you to disbelieve what you have been taught to believe.

Life is indeed a Russian Roulette. You have never seen it all. Till your last breath, I say! There is always a hidden riddle somewhere. And, the probability of a hit shall be as misleading as the miss. All said and done, there is no running away from this inescapable game of chance!


And let’s talk about what is predictable in puppet stringing is how in certain aspects of life, it is reduced to a cheap thrill where a delusion is created and, the subjects are perceived as puppets and, must oblige no matter what. And no, puppets dare not voice their opinion because they aren’t supposed to.

So, what are puppets ideally supposed to do?

Listen, obey and keep quiet even if the human behind the strings is oblivious/non oblivious to their morally unjustified actions?

Not to mention, we are all guilty of having been complicit in the act of puppet stringing, personally and professionally.

Were there choices? Oh! There surely were. So, why were the choices evaded? Silence!

Here….the silence is not merely loss of words. It is also the loss of understanding why the choices were evaded.

Like my mum mentioned many years back ...”It is so easy to tell people to see the good and be optimistic about life. But do you know how difficult it is to feel the hurt…hurt that no-one chooses to understand because they never knew what it feels Like! Just remember, you need to follow what your soul guides you towards. The trick is to know which is the genuine voice among the muffled ones inside. And, no one can teach you that because you are born with that knowledge. And, only time has the key to unlock that riddle for you. Until then, enduring pain and hurt will be a part of life whether you like it or not!”

These words came to me at different times in life in bits and pieces….and it has taken me more than three decades of my existence to get a hang of the essence.


And it is here, I often sit and ponder about how exhilarating it feels to proclaim love and affection for loved ones through many gestures…..but then would I experience the same catharsis if I could bare my head to some and, let know why they have lost all good faith and reapect and, whatever they are getting is just some kind of a pretense, a shield that stalls unpleasantness for some time.

Because….sometimes the words are just brimming on the side of the wok and, begin spilling over…..and there are desperate attempts to bring down the flame of anger by feeding self with ‘this too shall pass’…

Because, stalling unpleasantness is sometimes preferable to unpleasantness.

Because, at the end of the day….life is all about having less conflicts and nil negativity……who wants bitterness, right??

Because, words once spilled cannot be taken back!!

And that is precisely why I choose to remain guilty of being stringed for now.


But then, isn’t it surreal to NOT know what it would be like to take a chance and see how the outcome unfolds by adhering to the puppet stringing art??

OR, how equally surreal it would be to know what it shall unveil should the strings be chopped off on an impulse???

Quite a predicament.


Maybe, we are all either puppets out of choice….and at times, out of NO choice…..Because no two situations will ever be the same….no two reactions to the same situation will ever be the same. Maybe, we just need to buy the right time with patience and then, cut those toxic strings off when the iron is hot!!

Until then, STALEMATE 😎😎

And, GUILTY AS CHARGED FOR BEING a part of an art I fail to Like!




PS: And, this gives birth to a seed of thought for my next post –

What if puppets were born with the belief that they had choices?

“Puppets are non living. They don’t have a choice any which way”

The smirks are coming through in the head.

Stay tuned!! 😉😉

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