*****Fears.. far from being realized..will manifest sooner or later..*******

1. I wonder what will happen if by some strange twist of destiny….the Internet repository is violated and, some brute gets control over thoughts of people …? MOVIE: .. TRANSCENDENCE, though done poorly brings out a very scary possibility. The idea could be laughed upon but, it’s possibility cannot be ruled out….Our very own uniterrupted submission to the Internet is like a chain smoker confident of quitting smoking. The experience while is enjoyable comes with its own Trojans with sinister agendas.

2. The first time I read about pig’s DNA being injected into human DNA…was in some Robin Cook’s novel “SHOCK…and the plot did give me sleepless nights in school… as it was horrifying to read about the two women protagonists that set out to find what happened to the eggs they donated and..the shock that shakes their core about how their eggs have been experimented with injecting pig’s DNA…

and now years later….there is an article floating around that some experiments on similar grounds are being carried out… highly probable that it is false but then…that very thought is scary again…. after all…there is no smoke without fire.

3. When Shakespeare said….”The world is a big stage…and each one of us is an actor here…“….little did he know that he was predicting a future that literally would sync with those words. Because…..the world today is indeed a stage and everyone loves to wear a mask..a presentable one in the virtual world. Happiness is like a perennial season on the Internet….the obsession with looking perfect, the craze for positive acknowledgement and, the addiction to be a part of the virtual world feels so unreal and yet, is so real.

4. I guess with time….the virtual world has succeeded in giving us a false sense of freedom where we assume we are allowed to think and speak at will. On the contrary, it is altering our brains, our thoughts, our actions and our perception of the world around us. No, we aren’t free…but chained..rather, watched with a hawk’s eye. Isn’t it strange that you window shop for something ON a website and, suddenly there are ad feeds of the same products coming to you on other social media platforms. It is as though your likes, dislikes, orientation, choice of colours etc are being collated to create an image of you. Strange.. these things evade the normal eye or, is more often than not, ignored as harmless adware. Well…even a Trojan appeared harmless! And, the rest is History.

And then, there are opinions and more opinions…..One controversial statement leads to mudslinging between strangers who don’t even know each other and within minutes, would be vying for each other’s blood. The basic intelligence is replaced with misplaced retaliation….and the moment you react to a baseless statement, all you have done is add more value to the garbage and putting it in spot light for everyone to see. What is worse is how friends have turned foes over such differences. And that is exactly how minds are altered.

5. Cyber crime is going to be the most henious of all crimes in times to come. It is not just breach of security but invasion of privacy from unseen predators and, it ought to have far more terrible repercussions than the anticipated real world horrors. Rather..it will become the one root cause for real life horrors. Even as articles about child abuse circulate, it doesn’t really stop people from thinking. Every time, someone mentions their whereabouts on social media irrespective of any occasion ….that someone is (un)knowingly subjecting himself/herself to more risks than the ones lurking in the real world. A couple of years back, a news reported about how photos of little children were surfacing on adult sites and, even as those pages and sites were pulled down by the Internet, the exposure done was damage done already.

Unfortunately….humans know it all ….but arrogantly assume that unfortunate things happen to others and, not to them. The catch is, unfortunate things happen NOT ONLY because there are bad elements out there in the real world BUT more because, either humans chose to be pseudo intellectual by proclaiming ‘Yeah! We know everything! We are all well protected!“. What is far WORSE is being ignorant and letting oneself be carried away by the glam of virtual world.

Ignorance ISN’T bliss.

5. I have been playing word cross and scrabble for a while on my phone app. And, there are ads that play in between…initially I dismissed the ads..and then, there was a whole genre of such ads that kind of introduced some interactive story play that dealt with forbidden territories. Now…imagine a five year old kid playing scrabble on phone and he sees images bordering on adult themes…which I am sure, must be happening. While parents feel swell about kids playing puzzles on phone, they may be oblivious to the ads that pop in between. If people still believe that phones are substitutes for meaningful human company/books, they are sadly mistaken. Rather, they are just choosing to stay oblivious to the kind of mind alterations the phones are capable of inducing in the young minds. Besides, children are visual creatures. And…visuals always have a deeper impact than sermons. It is better for modern day parents to sit with kids while the latter use phones to play games..or, monitor their activities.


I am old school about many things in life. One of them is about limited social circles in real life. I AM STILL a fan of those printed photographs and prefer them to digital ones..in those times….people did have fun, also clicked photographs but did NOT feel the need to share on a public domain.

Because…. it was not seen as some requirement then.
Because…people were genuinely happy going on outings together with no compulsion to look good…
Because….people were happy doing REAL time farmville and board games.

But then, to each…his own.

Strange that social media has got the earthlings closer and yet, people prefer typing HBD Than calling up the concerned person to wish Happy birthday…


Science is a boon. Technology is a boon.

But, it is the addiction that is a bane.

It is the attention that we seek, that is a bane.

It is the reaction that we give there

Does that mean that Animals and birds lead a far happier life than humans? Something to ponder over….

Leave your prints here :)

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