V – Vengeance

Subservience is NOT my choice.

And arrogance, surely NOT my voice!

For, the eyes see everything that is NOT right!

With the mettle being stranded in whirlpools of complex times…!

But then, what is allowed is what will continue…

And some day, this power play shall turn and shock a misled few!

For, Time shall arrive for every underdog that takes the difficult road..

Strewn with insecurities and envy spilled by the crowd

After all, vengeance has a way of finding its natural order….

For push comes to shove, the wall shan’t be razed any farther!

Life, after all is a mystery manual of many do’s and don’ts..

With myriad riddles to figure what shall work and, what won’t!

But to ascend without stepping on graves is what one must remember…

For, vengeance is mean and heartless and in bringing doom, it rarely falters!

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