About me

Hey there! I am Narayani and this, is my writing space wherein I allow the world to take a peek into my head. I am a true Sagittarius girl and therefore, value my freedom and guard my space with a vigilant eye! But here, you are welcome to know me the way you choose to 🙂

Now coming to the real world, I am a software engineer by profession. Worked in the IT industry for four years after which I found writing to be more enjoyable than ‘de-bugging and developing’ applications! And then, after a sudden yet pleasant turn of events, I found my love in my man in og (“How I met my husband” coming soon) So having transformed from a rustic and highly opinionated female into a polished and mild tempered lady, teaching as a profession took to me instantly (something I never ever imagined to ever do). But life is full of unexpected twists and turns, no? So after becoming a mother, I chose to work as a pre-school teacher.  Teaching has given me a great insight into the imaginative world of toddlers. And so, I can quite imagine the world wherein the pigeons could swim and the fishes could fly! You get the drift, right? Currently, I also freelance in content writing, besides teaching.

Now, apart from adorning the many avatars of a strict yet loving preschool teacher, a freelance content writer and an impulsively compulsive blogger and a book lover, I am my hubby’s best friend and a mother cum sibling to my prince – A, who teaches me how a Z is a laterally rotated N and a W is nothing more than an inverted M!

On days when I suffer blogging blues, I prefer to unwind poetically at the DOV, where you might stumble upon my poetic ramblings on life. You may also  read my tips and tricks of the parenting game on SIW that first featured me on their blog! (Read my interview here) And in this blog, you will find a deluge of posts on parenting, psychology, humor, feminism and a bit of everything that falls in between! However, most of my posts here shall reflect the way I see and perceive this beautiful gift called – LIFE!

You may visit my old writing space here. (Yes, I switched from blogger to wordpress last year out of a whim. Let’s say change feels good sometimes!)

Before I sign off from the intro, let me remind you –

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