GUEST POST ~ Kindness is rewarding. Always.

This is the second guest post on my blog. And I couldn’t be happier! Because, the second person to grace my blog with a beautiful write up is my dearest friend Swapna. We met as room mates in 2007, while we were working with an IT firm in Pune. And, with time blossomed a beautiful honest and the most comforting friendship between us. Oh yes! We have had the craziest times together – Let’s say – Been there, done that! Isn’t it Swapna?

Today, she is a mommy to a beautiful doll and, she has written about how working from home is a blessing to her. Her write up shall inspire many mommies to avail the work from home option. And, so am sharing her post here, with her permission 🙂

————————————————————————  There are ample reasons to thank my stars for this beautiful destiny. However, I have more reason to thank EnHao and John Ybera for giving me the support I needed during my pregnancy.

When it dawned on me that I was going to bring a life on Earth, I was ecstatic. Words cannot fill in for the beautiful emotions that overwhelmed me when the news came. However, I was working full time then and, there was this teeny weeny bit of nagging in the back of my head – “Would it be possible to work full time at this juncture? Will I be able to pace up professionally post the birth of my child? What might be the challenges ahead?” And, I love my job. I knew I couldn’t quit even if I wanted to. Because, each day at work spell bounds me with the new things I get to learn. And then when the pregnancy happened, it struck me about how I was going to cope up in the office and, on the home front too? Living in Singapore is amazing and yet, not a cakewalk as the never ending household chores like cooking, working, traveling, cleaning, ironing etc..consume the time at home too. And this, supposedly was difficult at a time when I wasn’t exactly in the pink of my health during my pregnancy. Meanwhile questions about working nagged me in a tiny corner of my head. Apparently, I had stopped thinking about how my career was going to shape up at a later stage. And, the health woes continued. So did some worries about the working schedules……..

And then, Samaira came. When I saw her for the first time, I was blown away by God’s miracle. All worries had left me. And it was in that moment of epiphany when I went under the knife for my child and had a C-section,  all the jitters were done and dusted away. Samaira has made my life so much worth living. A child is like the precious little gift from God and, there has not been a moment when I had not prayed for my baby’s well being during the pregnancy. Be it while traveling, while cooking and even while having some alone time, my focus went back on how I could bring my baby healthily in this world. And, I did!

She is few months away from her first milestone of turning one and, I look at her and feel like singing –

Ten little fingers and ten little toes,

2 little ears and one little nose.

2 little eyes that shine so bright

And, one little mouth to kiss mother all the time!

One look at her drives away all my worries and anxieties. I have not completely recovered health wise and yet, my baby gives me the most comforting sensation. I am aware of the fact that my office leaves have got over. So, now what? Should I take up a full time job by leaving my baby with a nanny? If I hired a help, my mind wouldn’t be at peace while I worked in the office. What if she searches for me with her doll like eyes? What if she wants me to nurse her? What if she needs my warmth to be put to sleep? Or, should I quit? But wait, aren’t there the work from home options? And that is when, I called up John and placed my humble request………………………………………………………………………………………….

And, I am still working. I am working from home. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would have been like if I were to face the painful dilemma of working full time or, quitting the job completely. But then, I am fortunate to have met people like EnHao and John Ybera who empathized with my condition and, allowed me to work from home. And, with a family that appreciates the fact that I chose to work albeit the health challenges and, with an adorably supportive spouse, what more could I ask for?

As for EnHao and John Ybera, I am giving you my word – I shall never let you down. May your kind increase. God bless…

By: Swapna Gokhe Arya


P.S: This is the gorgeous angel for whom so many people came together, worked out conducive options of work from home options for the adoring mother and, succeeded in working it all out!