Understand what your help does for you.

In my growing years, I had never seen a help at my home. My mother had taken it upon herself to clean, dust and mop the big house that has a huge hall, a dining, a bedroom, a big kitchen, a bathroom downstairs and, the two huge bedrooms and a big bathroom upstairs. Additionally, our home has three terraces, of which we are using only the middle one. Besides that, we have a garden and a garage to maintain. While other homes around us had employed help to get the cleaning done, my mother decided to do everything herself. And besides doing the chores, she also managed a major chunk of her time from her routine to prepare students in the neighborhood for their board exams. Even today, from her extremely busy schedule, she efficiently manages time for reading novels, online shopping and even, going out with dad to indulge in retail therapy. In earlier years, dad and I have been supremely annoyed with her over her obsession with doing the chores herself. However, after all those years I suddenly understood why she chose to do what she did.

The feeling of self dependence that, we can manage our lives, our work without domestic help is extraordinarily powerful. And, the past five months wherein I had no choice but to do the household chores myself, I discovered this strong feeling. Believe me when I say, we aren’t really dependent on anyone to get our own work done. We are just made to think otherwise because of the social conditioning around. As for all homemakers out there, I take a bow! RESPECT!

But, this is not the crux of my post today.

domestic help.jpg


The seed for this post germinated when I had recently written a post on how we need to be kind to our domestic help. It is here I came across a counter comment on how helps are untrustworthy these days. I could relate to the said comment too  because I have had my share of horrible experiences with domestic helps. So, I could clearly relate to the angst behind the comment because we pay our help in good faith that they will do the work effectively. But, when that work is not done to the said standards, we feel cheated. I have been cheated many a time. But there is also one thing that remained with me in the back of my head, something  that my parents have followed WITHOUT advising me- “Never ever be rude to your help. Understand what they are doing for you even if you are paying them.” Yes, it took me one hell of an experience to understand the true meaning of those untold words.

Post marriage and, after having a kid which is more than 6 years later, I am in a place where getting a good help felt like begging destiny to throw a 24 carat diamond into my lap! So, in the current place, I have stayed without help for practically 5 months wherein hubby was away for work. So, it was just me and son. Parents and in laws visited intermittently. And, it is also in the last 5 months, I realized that maintaining a spic and span home without domestic help is practically impossible unless, you are either taking care of the home every single minute, or you have an in-house help who is looking after your home all the time, every single second. If you have gone through my previous blog posts, you would have realized how much I detest house keeping. Anyways, I did not have much of a choice in the current place.

So, me being me, I began help hunting! The first one arrived. When we had decided over the quote and every work I was to outsource to her, the lady started with her list of things that she would not do. “Memsaab, hum dusting nahi karenge!” (despite me ready to pay her extra for it), “Memsaab, hum bartan nahi pochenge….itna karene ke liye time nahi hai humare paas…”, et all were her share of tantrums in the limited conversations we had. At the time, with little choice, I hired her. But, I wasn’t remotely impressed! A month later, I asked her to leave as her work was only doubling my work.

Then, arrived the second one….I cannot for some reason forget this one as she had annoyed me to no end and so to say, to an extent that she made the  first one appear angelic! This one loved to talk all day so much that, it was all she did! In the previous place, I had a help who worshiped work. This one on the contrary, worshiped gossip. In the second week of her work, she asked me for bonus and, I made it clear that I wasn’t remotely entertained by her anecdotes or, impressed with her work and hence, I settled the accounts right away and bid her good bye! During those days, I shared with mum about my failed attempts in getting the right help. Sensing my frustration, she said only one thing – “When you don’t find help, remember Tan kayye tanaku udavi (in Tamil)!” meaning – “You have two hands in good shape and none can help you but yourself!”  

I took the cue and began with the mopping and dusting routine myself. The first week was hard. And, on the first day, it took me 2 hours to complete the cleaning chores. On that night, when I sat down I grumbled on phone– “Mum! The helps have been looting me! This work takes like 2 hours! How is that they finish it in 10 minutes and push off?” Mum was in splits! She said – “Narayani! It only means you have become a Garfield (accurately pointing out my flabs from the other end of the phone that were suddenly conspicuous to me now). To become the G-Girl who can finish work in 15 minutes, you need to get back in shape! And no, helps are NOT G-girls for you! So, do not expect them to do it the 100 percent ideal way. They have many homes to do and, they do the same laborious task everywhere. So, what you can do meanwhile is, stop complaining and start figuring out how you can do this hard work smartly.” So, I asked her – “So pray tell, how do you do that?” She remarked – “Go, figure it out yourself!”

In the first week, I remember, I had a body ache. However in subsequent weeks, I realized I was finishing up the chores in half the time I took earlier. And then, when I began working from home I voluntarily got up at 5 in the morning to wind up the work. This was one additional pointer my mother gave me – “Early to bed and early to rise, you get your work done in quarter of your time!” I also realized in the following months that I cribbed less and, my work ran smooth. The stress quotient concerning the spic and span aspect of my home released me from its clutches. No, I no longer worried about how my home looked or, felt. Because, for me it felt divine. It is now I realize the depth of those unsaid words – “Understand what the help do for you even if you are paying them.

So, after all those taxing experiences of having done every household chore myself, it dawned on me that we aren’t really that helpless as we assume ourselves to be without domestic help. Only, we are made to think so. Sometimes, we just need to regroup our priorities in life. For instance, I am NOT someone who supervises a help while she works! I just CANNOT do that! Why? Because, I would probably smash the head of anyone at work who did that to me! (Mind well, I growled at one of the supervisors during my board exams who was trying to see what I was writing!) I believe in the basic fabric of faith. Which is why, profiling your help before you hire is very very important!

Fortunately, after many failed attempts, I finally got a good help, an old lady who fit the brief of what I was looking for. As of now, she comes,washes utensils, chops vegetables and, makes yummy rotis and paranthas! I am glad, I got a good help although late but, the wait was worth it. Meanwhile, I also got a taste of the hard work the help do for us. So, the past five months taught me that I am a lot tougher and hard working than I believed myself to be, if I may say so! (pats on the back :D) Now, before we berate our domestic help, let’s understand the basics- People are never basically bad. It is the circumstances that corrupt their moral fabric.

Of the many domestic help we meet, some stick to their moral grounds whereas, others get lured into the thought of taking short cuts to earning money and perks. But all of them have one goal – to lead a good life! And in some way, their wish for a good life is also fueled by our own lifestyle. For instance, wasting good food or, rummaging through wardrobe of exotic outfits in their presence may affect the psyche of the help in a massive or minor way, depending on their social conditioning. So, if you have hired a help, make sure that that they know you as a good person but not close enough to know what you possess. After all, keeping distance may not earn you some “acchi wali meemsaab” title in their world but, might just save you from unexpected Pandora boxes.


You don’t always need pizza or pasta! But, you need a clean home.

You don’t always need a smart phone to survive. But, you need good food and clean clothes to keep your physical and mental health, in the pink.

You can surely do without night outs, parties and sleep overs! But you CANNOT imagine your daily grind without clean bathrooms and washrooms even, if you just visit them just a few times in a day!

So, next time when you outsource the laborious housekeeping business to the help, be kind to them. At the same, keep your distance which, is very very important! But NEVER EVER be rude to them. Because, housekeeping is a thankless job! And yet, none of us can live healthily without a good housekeeping routine. Remember that!

P.S : On the brighter side of my life, I have toned down well. I was never skinny. But, I am getting slowly back to the version I was long before when it comes to muscles.

This Diwali, I gifted my maid a saree and a box of sweets. She was beyond happy. These days, she does a couple of extra chores without me having asked her to do it.

As for the other tips and tricks of housekeeping, mum had the one thing to say to me which my dad has been drilling into my grey cells for years and yet, I am far from learning it (I am shamelessly voicing my procrastination here because I am still getting there!) –A place for everything. Everything at its place! A time for everything. Everything on its time!

And please, please, please, remember – No work is low. When it comes to your home, every job is great!

Remember – 




Battling the demons. The fight is on.

I have been a strong believer in optimism. Certain incidents in life made me see the power in optimism. Although, the same incidents have also scarred me in an indelible way. Despite my countless shares on how optimism is a great food for soul, I too am bothered at times. Just because I share a lot of good anecdotes from my life, it does not mean I am free from pessimism. And, when I talk about negativity, it does not concern others but, myself. This storm of negativity comes in the form of panic attacks, anxiety, ennui, a feeling of going no where, and some times, feeling the emptiness when there is nothing more creative left to do. Yes, there are such cloudy days too amidst the dollops of sunshine moments. It is on those days especially, I crave for the Sun to come out of hiding and tell me –“Hey! Everything is going to be fine! After all, you are my baby sunshine!” There have been countless monologues between me and the celestial bodies while I was growing up. Yes, those were the monologues I could hear myself as much as the Sun, the Moon and the stars and all the existing planets could hear me. And I thought, I couldn’t hear them…..

But that is not what triggered me to write this post which is a cross between the rant and the vent. And, venting does a better job than ranting. Doesn’t it?

Off late, I have been going in and out of “I don’t know what is wrong with me” syndrome. Not that I am turning into a off-putting person, but I do get the strong urge to run away from reality rather than facing it. Especially when health issues crop up, panic attacks return reminding me of some terrible times I had in the past. And then, I look at the surroundings, the plants, the trees, the insects, the strays, the simians, the birds and all the normal happenings that make the everyday grind. All are perishables. But they are living the life they have been gifted with. And, so should I – says Mother Nature. And, when I look at my parents, I am awestruck! Both have countless health issues but, they are so driven by their duties and work routine that they barely get time to worry. So, am I as busy as them? Perhaps, no. But, am I as busy as I should be. Yes, I am. If yes, why am I not relaxed? That is perhaps because I have created a 100 horrible scenarios in my head and, am constantly worrying about them.


Worry – it is a hurdle I stumble across quite often. It is quite difficult to explain my state of mind to someone who could probably advise me on how to lead a healthy life, how to be free of negative thoughts and how to keep oneself busy. The point is, I am busier than busy! I can’t catch enough time for myself. I do the household chores like mopping the floors, cleaning the kitchen, working from home (full time), taking care of son’s studies and, my own too (off late, my study part has gone for a toss).Dawn quickly becomes noon, noon quickly becomes dusk and, dusk becomes night in the blink of an eye. And, I am like a busy bee trying to find a chunk of my time to de clutter my thoughts. If someone were to ask my schedule, it is insane. It has been a while since I spoke to someone on phone. And, I turn to social networking not because I have time, but because I want to gather those tiny inconspicuous words of wisdom left like bread crumbs by people I know and, know not. Yes, I need to read. And importantly, I need to write, besides my professional writing gig.

On certain days, I dread if my work gets over quickly! Because, the moment it does, the stark reminder of how I have and had let my health fail me makes me feel miserable. It is also strange that I don’t like meeting people a lot these days. Maybe, I am seeking frequencies that are difficult to find. Should I tune my frequencies? No, I am not willing to. Something in my nature doesn’t allow it. I cannot pin point what it is. But whatever that is, I am sure, has more often than not, saved me from a plethora of Pandora boxes I have intentionally tried to open! But now, I need a bit of a change. Maybe, I just want to move away from the daily grind for a while. A vacation, perhaps? I am banking on the possibility now.

Another thing that has been bothering me off late is travel phobia. I am not even sure when I caught it. But it has been bothering me for a while now. I love to travel a lot. But, the beginning of a journey no matter what puts me in jitters, for reasons I know not. Yes, it is a fear without a reason, perhaps with a reason that stays in the oblivion.

Fear – It is the joker in the deck of cards played by destiny. How will it play for me? How do I will it to play for me? Maybe I have the choice to toy with it. Do I? I have been a strong believer in the power of fear too. Many may not have comprehended this. But, I have discovered that fear is a facade for courage. It is like the glass that gives you a choice to look through but does not necessarily propel you to break it. Sometimes, when the view gets clearer, the glass is broken. It is a gossamer sheath of terror that also becomes the trajectory of courage when that sheath pushes the self to the wall! It is a strange emotion. It is a negative emotion. But, it also gives you a choice to either dwell in it, or break the film and move past it!

And, as I write this post, I know I am trying hard to remove a chunk of my disoriented thoughts on the space assuming it would give me some space to rejoice. Every time, I look back at the struggles I had (a difficult pregnancy, a brush with a life threatening condition and, the nightmares that continue to follow of which I never spoke much to anyone), my faith is restored with the fact – “If I have come this far in life, I can still go way ahead“

And, in the cloud of darkness that I battle to disperse, I know how blessed I am to have the most understanding hubby, an adorable and loving son and, very inspiring parents. And importantly, I know now I have to be strong. That is what I keep telling myself every time. I have to be strong for my son, hubby and family. I was given a second lease of life in 2013. Now, I have to guard it against all the negativity, come what may. The path ahead could be tough. If run I cannot, but walk, I will. I am sure, I will.




Musings of a feisty home maker…

..begins with the ‘housekeeping woes’!


Sometimes I am encompassed by a wave of lethargy so high that, I find it ridiculously difficult to come out of my comfort zone – the couch! Ouch! Yeah, I amaze hubby with my split personalities. One day, I would be the G-girl on a broom (you are more likely to find me with the broom) and on another day, I might just transform into a 5 foot version of Garfield! But all of that does not camouflage the fact about how I am totally de-motivated towards partaking any role in housekeeping business. I know, I cannot escape it. But, I do have every right to dislike it. For instance the two chores that scare the living daylights out of me are, folding clothes and stacking them in the cupboard and, the second is – washing utensils. I, for the world cannot figure out from where people find the verve to fold clothes. For some reason, it is a never ending job. That said, I love to dust now and then, mop the floors and even hang out the washed clothes to dry. But, folding dried clothes and washing utensils is something I have always been averse to! I remember the time when I was working and, living with flatmates. And, no sooner than I uttered the words – “Yours truly does not cook!”, the errand of washing utensils fell into my lap! And that, precisely became my motivation to learn cooking, which I did! People who have had the food that I make would vouch for the fact! (And, people….you are welcome to come and have food at my humble abode. I do cook a variety of cuisines now) So, before I digress into a deluge of self praise (I believe it is important every now and then), let me bring myself back to my current situation. No matter what, the clothes and the utensils just keep piling up. And, if the pain of seeing the undone work is not enough, the maids in our station are extortionists! So, currently I am the maid, the lady, the dhobi, the dish washer and the ‘multi faceted’ home maker of my kingdom. And, I missed ‘the woman who also irons and folds the clothes with a frown’. I AM THE JEANIE OF MY HOME!

There is nothing like window shopping. It don’t exist for me!

Hubby is away on work. Thankfully, my parents are staying with me for the period. And, I feel blessed. Yet, with the soul mate slogging away in some remote location, the mind wanders into the labyrinth of loneliness more often than not. For the past three weeks I have been promising to take my mum to BB (Big Bazaar). Yes, it is her favorite. She gets a good rebate on whatever she buys as she is a loyal customer! And, finally after dodging her persistent question on – “When are we going to BB?” the motivation to take the call happened today. Yes, we went to BB. Finally. I stay in a city that is far from the look of a metro and a little bit upgraded version of a small town. So, BB is definitely a big deal. Although I had not gone there with any motive to shop (Remember, I am a rehabilitated shopaholic?), the air inside the store started engulfing me and, all I could hear around was – Shrishti….Shrishti….Shrishti….. For the uninitiated, I am a die hard fan of Shrishti brand Kurtis….I love the softness of the tunic, the fresh pastel colors and the comfort that comes from wearing them. Fab India was my ‘Once upon a time….’ choice. I was a die hard Fab India fan then. However, when hubby got me a couple of kurtis from Rajasthan with the same texture and feel of Fab India at less than half the price, I decided to stop feeding Fab India people. And then, Shrishti happened! So, today all the vows the Rebecca Bloomwood in me took about NO SHOPPING, flew out of the window. I picked up three kurtis in various shades of blue and white. Usually, I am drawn towards the fiery red and the mystic black. But the soaring temperatures outside drew me more towards the serene white with tulip blue patterns. So, it was going to be shades of blue on the tranquil white! We shopped for a few more groceries. Visited the tailor – Masterji (He is known as) for stitching a few blouses for casual occasions and, some presentable suits. And after picking up milk, lassi and other confectionery items, headed back home. It was indeed a long day. 4 hours out in the Sun, shopping was a welcome change after having got bored with my simian friends outside. (If you were wondering who they are, you must drag your finger tip here and read about my spiritual connection with our ancestors!)

Happiness lies in shopping just as proof lies in the pudding!

Over all, a good day! Hope better days follow. Yes, by better I know that the Sun is going to shine brighter and, is going to go overboard in showering warmth that shall first toast us, pressure cook us, braise us and bake us and finally, make us appear as char grilled prawns to be served on a plate! Oh! I have been talking in the gourmet language. This is what happens when you are addicted to all food shows on TLC, Colors Infinity and Star World. That said, I have started watching Game of Thrones after it was trolled with countless memes on the Internet. It so happens that I am still in the process of collating the number of power hungry men for the throne that carries the thorns! Well, well, a civilian must have lived a life of bliss in those days. Isn’t it? The good news for a MasterChef Aus fan like me, it is coming soon……………………………………………………………………………………( can’t wait to see George, Matt and Gary again!)

And now, let me share with you some of the beautiful kurtis I picked for myself. Whether or not, they look lovely to you, I am going to wear them till I tear them 😀




1998 – the year of mushroom cut and, a lot of blah!

It was the year 1998. I was in my eighth grade. And, one fine day I had this strong urge to get a hair cut. This is how the episode went:
Me: Mom, I need a haircut!
Mom: Why?? For what joy of life, do you need one?? (examining my long wavy curls that touched a few inches lower than my shoulder.
Me: For every joy of life, I need a haircut this time!
Mom: NO means NO!
Me: Please! I am not going to shave my head or something! I need to get my hair trimmed. That is it! And believe me, I will be a changed soul. My academics will improve and you will be surprised!
Mom: What??? You mean to say it is your long hair that is not allowing you to study regularly?? Why don’t you share your out-of-science explanations with your dad?? Am sure, he will be ‘pleased’!
Mom(looking at my puppy face): Until he says yes, am not financing the hair cut!
Me: Please, you may tell him after he sees me in the new haircut which is nothing but trimming the hair ends. Literally, there is not going to be any difference between the old ‘me’ and the new ‘me’!
Mom: Ok! But promise me you won’t cut it short! Just trimming, that is it!
Me: Deal!


At the parlour,

Me: I need to trim my hair.
Lady: it will be 150 rupees. You will have to wait for a while. Until then, have a seat. You can find some magazines here. 
Me: (never been to a parlour before all by self and thinking..150 is more or less?)uuhh…ohh… ok…!!

The fifth!! ~ From a Nomad’s Diary

It just feels like yesterday when I saw this tall dark handsome guy leaning against his Splendor outside Hotel Ramakrishna, Pune. He was checking into his phone and momentarily, looked up. His aviators made it difficult for me to know whether he was actually looking at me or at anyone but me. He had worn a tiger striped sweatshirt and jeans. Although, I never knew whether I had fallen for him in that first fleeting glance but, in the days to follow, I knew for a fact that, that day was the game changer in my destiny!!
That was the day. 29th Feb’2008. 7 years have passed by, which includes five years of marital bliss with the man in aviators. A friendship that happened out of the blue, a relationship that culminated into marriage with the blessings of the Gods and a marriage that got two soul mates and their families together, has ever since made me an incurable optimist. Ironically before I met my husband, I was not even keen on getting married or settling down. And after all these years now, I know for a fact, that everything happens for a reason. 
And, I can never thank the Almighty enough to have given me a life partner who has stood by me through thick and thin and continues to support me in all ways possible.
The song for my beloved would always be the same!!
P.S: (How we both met will follow in the posts later)

My first stint as a teacher….. ~ From a nomad’s diary

About four years back, had I been asked about a list of careers I would never step into, teaching would have topped the list. However, in retrospect, I am not sure if I was actually averse to teaching or, if my fears of facing a class were a mere manifestation of my thoughts gone wild. That said, there have been umpteen times when I had assumed (or to say, almost decided) that certain things were not just meant for me…and then, destiny would surprise me, when I least expected to be. Needless to say, some were pleasant and some made me a tougher person with the attitude, “Bring it on!, I say”. But, when I jumped in for a nursery teachers training within our establishment this year out of a sudden impulse (seriously, it was one impulsive moment though later I explained myself that I needed it), I noticed my husband’s unreadable expression that hid a streak of surprise element (very typical of him with his eyes staring into a blank space with raised brows whenever he is startled by my decisions). Of course, he was happy yet, was contemplating on my spontaneous decisions that spring out of nowhere. (He is still getting used to my unpredictable effervescent Sagittarian traits!)
Now, going by my career graph, people might end up calling me weird! I am a software engineer who at one time, was busy ‘performance testing’ banking applications for banks like Llyods and Credit-Suisse. Then, I switched to content writing post marriage, purely out of choice. And, then I have been a home maker for a while now. Believe me folks, being a home maker is no child’s play! (And then, whoever said child’s play was easy?) Intermittently, I have conducted events here and there out of sheer interest. So, I have dabbled in unknown waters out of a thrill and somehow, have managed to stay afloat albeit the uncertainties every field posed. And then a week back, when the principal of my son’s school called me up and asked me if I could pitch in for a week as a substitute for a teacher on leave, I knew. A long lost opportunity had come knocking at my door. Surprisingly, I had applied for a job in the same school (again out of an whim) about an year back and for some reason, destiny had stalled my desire then. Now, I knew why. Things happen for a reason. And, things happen for a reason all the time!
Now it is here, I would like to mention how blissfully unaware I was about how unconditionally my heart brims with love at the sight of little children, until the time my son was born. And I felt that even more when I joined my son’s school as a substitute for a teacher who had gone on leave. I was in jitters on the first day for two reasons:
  • I had no prior experience with pre primary children as a teacher, let alone the primary or secondary ones.
  • The only child I have attempted to tutor is my son, who most of the times growls at the teacher in me..
However, on 13th November, when I entered my class of thirty odd children within 5 years of age, I surprised myself as I heard myself wishing them a very good morning, which was in turn was reciprocated with a harmonious and unanimous “Good Morning Teacher!!”. All my apprehensions disappeared the minute I found myself taking charge of the class. That was my AHA moment when I realized, I connected well with children. I connected deeply with them.
Maybe, I reveled when children come over and say, “Ma’am, you are beautiful!!”.
Maybe, I am inexorably elated to see them making tiny crafts of origami for me just to get that token of appreciation.
Maybe, I relish the naughtiness in them, when they incessantly drive me crazy with their, “May I drink water??”, or “May I go to toilet?” drones.
Maybe, I love to play the mother figure to all of them, apprehending them when they come over to me, complaining about each other.
Maybe, I adore those intense looks on their faces when they come over to me and offer a share from their lunch box during lunch hours.
Maybe, I just am reliving my childhood with them.
The one week I spent in my son’s school, my mind felt like a Duracell battery though physically I was drained. In class, I talked to them a lot and when home, I never ceased relishing my conversations with them over and over again. Sometimes, hubby had to remind me of the number of times I repeated any particular incident to him. But most importantly, I felt an unconditional love in them, when they took my instructions seriously. The reward was, when one of the parents came over and said, “Ma’am, my daughter has been talking about you all the time. And, she practices her work the way you have taught her, to the teeth!!” What more could I ask for?
Now, that we shall be soon moving to some new place, I am drowned in memories from this place. I shall miss this place and I shall miss my children too. And, as I had expressed a desire to teach under privileged children in my previous post, I hope I can do it someday. That said, I hope to have found my calling. So,

10 things I want to do in life ~ My bucket list

  1. I would want to go on a world tour and visit the finest farms on earth, eat freshly baked loaf with the best cheese and herbs and maybe, make some fresh hand picked mushroom pasta and some nice comforting pizza (Yeah, David Rocco, you charm me with that smile and Maeve ‘O’Meara, I envy you when you close your eyes, take a whiff of that smoky aroma and moan as you slide a spoonful of baba ghanoush into your mouth!) 
  2. I want to meet Amitabh Bhachan at least once and shake hands with the big man. (I so love his voice and so does my son.)
  3. I want to hitchhike through out the country with hubby and son and visit some of the best highway diners and then write some reviews on them. (Rocky and Mayur, you are free to join us :P)
  4. I want to visit Leh with hubby and son and sit by the icy chilled waters amidst the backdrop of snowcapped mountains, mild sun rays and floating clouds.
  5. That said, it is my dream to go on an African Safari with family and see the wild creations of nature at their best. (all three of us are NatGeo Addicts)
  6. And the other places I would love to visit abroad would be, New Zealand, Australia and Greece.
  7. In distant future, I would love to own a small apartment in a quiet corner of a city, where large gulmohar trees camouflage my home and from where, I can hear the holy chants from some temple nearby.
  8. And in my apartment, I shall have my own library (my space), a place where I can de-clutter and learn.
  9. Some day, I would love to teach under privileged children and help them realize their potential.
  10. I hope to write a good book in future, a book that shall inspire people. 
That is all for now! Shall update the list as and when my wishlist increases.