#AtoZBloggerChallenge2019 (End of April)

Here is a recap for all those who missed reading the posts…

Week 1:

A – Art

B – Belief

C – Crowd

D – Dreams

E – Emotions

F- Fall

Week 2

G – Grafitti

H – Hell

I – Irony

J – Juggernaut

K – Kindred

L – Life

Week 3

M – Mettle

N – Night

O – Order

P – Pandemonium

Q – Quest

R – Random

Week 4

S – Solitude

T – Truth

U – Underdog

V – Vengeance

W – Water

X – Xylophone

Week 5:

Y – Yardstick

Z – Zero

Z – Zero

There is something liberating about the number zero…

Is it its nonchalance towards success and failure, I do not know…

For it comes with the catch – What goes up will come down some day …..

But all the while maintaining its its peace & calm, unfazed!

For Life sooner or later, does come in a full circle…

With alternating thorny patches with rose bushes – some mean, some subtle!

This is where Zero signifies Life irrespective of its value…

For Time decides the context for every situation that weeds new…

So life says – Keep calm and keep doing what you were brought to this world to do…..

And your good will and deeds shall decide where the ZERO shall place itself for you.

Y – Yardstick

Whatever is visible to eye eludes the mind…..

Whatever is understood by mind eludes the eye…

For Truth is a rubix cube rotating on its whim…

Each dimension burns bright for a short while before it dims…

And, that is enough to give birth to colored opinions and, how!….

As each in the world is defiant that his is the ultimate truth, ‘holier than thou’!

Every vision is an outcome of what the eyes perceive.

As the lines whisper silently…Neither you are wrong, nor me’

There are a million versions of every truth that is discovered..

Even as each has many facets yet to be uncovered..

But humankind is a bizarre combination of being naive and arrogant…

No wonder there aren’t much to choose from, saints or sychophants?

Remember the 6 blind men and one elephant?

Touching parts of it and, every part felt true, yet different?

Life is a puzzling paradox with many clones of truth to pick…

For each views it with his own yardstick!

X – Xylophone

As a child, this small box arrived as a toy….

With many keys and, a pair of mallets as a part of the ploy..

The box had many keys in different colours….

And the child in me gazed at the engineering for many hours…

And then, my mother came along and sat beside me…

Took the two sticks and, played “Do…re…mee..”

The melodious rendition of the Sound of Music entered my heart…

Strumming the cords of it like a well trained guitar…

That was the first time I learned how music played too..

And, with every passing day introducing me to many facets of it anew!

Later as a mother, I got the same for my son,

An inquisitive toddler who had just turned one!

Life came in a circle when both began their friendship in a similar way…

The awe that flows like water in every child, absolutely jolly and gay!

Xylophone be one of those beautiful inventions of all times…

That brings in the same joy and peace in the nascent years of life.

W – Water

Elements of Mother Nature have so much to impart,

With Fire burning of passion and, the sky indulging in many forms of art!

Earth keeps the feet rooted to the ground….

While Space pursues boundaries, some to conserve and, some yet to be found..

And then, there is the Water….that flows with reckless abandon…

At times changing courses, at times, coursing through changes in tandem!

There is something endearing about how Water flows…

For it embraces each path with an acceptance, a formidable force!

Every path it traverses along, it leaves something behind….

A legacy – to evolve & remember that there is no greater flirt than Time!

Moving on be the motto of water that soothes fire and, adds life to parched earth..

In a world filled with more greed and thirst overlooking many moments of joy & mirth!

To be like water and to, imbibe its free spirit is what life is in a nutshell…

For water holds no grudges whatsoever, be it heaven or hell!

V – Vengeance

Subservience is NOT my choice.

And arrogance, surely NOT my voice!

For, the eyes see everything that is NOT right!

With the mettle being stranded in whirlpools of complex times…!

But then, what is allowed is what will continue…

And some day, this power play shall turn and shock a misled few!

For, Time shall arrive for every underdog that takes the difficult road..

Strewn with insecurities and envy spilled by the crowd

After all, vengeance has a way of finding its natural order….

For push comes to shove, the wall shan’t be razed any farther!

Life, after all is a mystery manual of many do’s and don’ts..

With myriad riddles to figure what shall work and, what won’t!

But to ascend without stepping on graves is what one must remember…

For, vengeance is mean and heartless and in bringing doom, it rarely falters!

U – Underdog

There are early bloomers and, then there are the late ones…

Every stage of growth is a loom of litmus tests well spun!

For some grasp facts & figures like an insatiable sponge…

And some learn early being misunderstood and abandoned!

Benchmarks are set and, so are aspirations reserved for the best…

But, what about underdogs that are often maneuvered at destiny’s behest!

With hidden talents and a million suppressed dreams,

Underdogs struggle on jagged edges of fate map with less or no means…

Chances of success may not come to them with ease…

But, their strength and verve never dare to cease!

For one day, even the best of the best shall know….

That it is underdogs that get to go down the rabbit hole!

And on way up from rock bottom, they emerge stronger and bold!

For nothing untoward or bizarre tends to surprise them any more….

One in many know their verve and hence, relentlessly heed to inner call…

For no epiphanies took birth without some blinding bends and mighty falls!