Vibe & Tribe

***Vibes never fail you. That is how you seek your tribe.***

Today, I happened to get in touch with a very dear friend, a senior lady, who is not just senior in terms of the fraternity hierarchy but also in age. We spoke after a very very long time. And, it felt as though we just picked up from where we last left, about three years ago….

So interestingly and quite unlikely for my nature, when we first met, it took us roughly just a few conversations to vibe and, we instantly connected. In most of the magical connections I have had with my tribe, which again are just a handful given my inability to socialise freely, I can hardly remember or pin point when exactly I became a part of their lives as much as they became a part of mine. This woman is one of those.

We both were two entirely different personalities. She has a flair for communicating in a crowd and, in an extremely classy way. It is as though when she interacts people stop by and listen. I, on the contrary, continue to have severe issues with the concept of crowd. In the initial days, I have stumbled and fumbled a lot as, I have always been more comfortable emoting through the pen than through the tongue. And yet, we vibed quite instantly.

Her daughter is a year older to my son and, the time we spent together in the previous place is one of the best memories I could recall from my trove of treasured memories. Quite funny that our children often ended up fighting, hollering, crying, punching and always at loggerheads with each other while, we regardless of THEIR ‘we cannot do without each other even If we fight’ attitude, used to yap for hours! If talking on phone and, meeting each other for tea wasn’t enough, long walks were a must and, we deliberately would take long routes and extra rounds to extend our conversations. And, we discussed almost everything under the Sun. Politics, religion, our fraternity, children, our parents, relationship dynamics and, name them all. We agreed on few, agreed to disagree on some and, had a good laugh at most of what we couldn’t get a hang of. And, it was from her I learned a very important thing about moving on, regardless of the many frictions we braise ourselves in this journey of life. And, she kept repeating these lines to me,

‘Cherish the good times in a place with all your heart and soul. And, NEVER feel pinched when you don’t get the kind of people you want in the new place because that is NOT in our hands. And then, who knows how the next place and people ought to be, perhaps better, or perhaps more worse.’ 😉

Those words of wisdom have somewhere planted themselves deep in my head. Truth to be told, those words often helped me through times I couldn’t make sense of the world around me.


We spent roughly about eight odd months together and then, they had to leave for a new place. The void stung for a while as, all the places we had visited together with the kids, while the husbands were away, reminded of the beautiful friendship and sisterhood we still continue to share. Yes, I missed her very bad. And, my son missed her daughter as he felt extremely empty without fighting with her. (Yes, a fight a day was like ‘an apple a day’. Some kind of tonic!)


So when, I got a call from her today, it suddenly took me back to the same place, same time about three years back when the son was just entering the primary wing and, we were busy with a plethora of engagements and much more, besides doing anything and everything to ward off the nasty monkeys that left no stone unturned in pelting stones at our vehicles, stealing our dried clothes and, terrorising us by stalking us during our long walks!

Yes, those were the days!


The beautiful irony of life is, we don’t often get to choose who we want to meet. Rather, life throws at us a jumble of many characters and, the moment we feel that we are better off in our own company, life surprises by introducing people into our lives who can bring out the best in us.

This friend is one of the few best ones that ctuallty got out the best in me…If I may say so! Because, friends like that give a fresh leaf of perspective and,


While many walk into our lives bringing many shades of the emotional spectrum that arc from good to bad to worse to far worse , a few walk into our lives only to raise our standards.

I am glad I know her, and she is one of the chosen few, who are people to treasure for life !!


God bless.. .!!



Honest Lies & Clandestine Truths

*****Lies are honest. And Truth is a clandestine affair.*****

What is passed down through generations often becomes an unquestionable dictum. Just a small example to begin with, if a three year old boy chooses a ‘pink’ T shirt, the parents could probably ditch the store instantly and perhaps may run to the extent of feeding the boy with the much predictable hate against the color pink, for no logical reason. But then, should a three year old girl pick ‘blue’, it ain’t much of a subject to dissect UNLESS, she chooses florescent colors that blind the eyes and then, parents find a way to shun the word – ECCENTRICITY. Nope. “Be a doll! Not the Alice who wore some shitty silky costume once she landed from the rough seas!”

Strange is the conditioning. It is like the chains made from many years of histories and wars. Surely, they cannot be unshackled in decades. And that is how, lies have begun to sound more and more honest with time.


So, of the many things, we are conditioned to believe in from the time we open our eyes till the time we close them, much is distorted, misunderstood and misplaced. The color baggage is a very minor thing as compared to the major issues with social conditioning that often reflects in relationships between spouses, and in the consequence of that outcome on other relationships around the couple. And, these minor things become major as they pave ways for bigger clashes like gender disparity, aggressive chauvinism and misplaced sense of feminism. Apparently, what appears to the eye may not be true to the ‘third eye’.

Say, we take a look at a few examples…

A lady who is a mother to two sons may appear to the eye, very classy with a toned figure that is wearing a beautiful satin silhouette dress. But, one would never know what pressure she dealt with from her families to bear sons and, to keep her figure in shape post her delivery, even as she struggles with hormonal imbalances, depression and severe gas lighting from the spouse every now and then. And, that is reality. Sometimes, the emotional abuse is more scarring than the physical one. Because, for mind, the walk is always on the rope with one side being fragility and, the other side being a cold slab of stone. There is NO in between.

A boy studying in 11th grade may appear to everyone, a promising candidate for taking over his father’s business, or may be the future prospective choice for a career in say, armed forces, considering his father retired, a celebrated and a decorated soldier. But what if someone read the boy’s secret diary filled with vividly intricate designs of wilderness and abstractness, where he expresses his universe residing in his brain through art.

“No one will know”, he is determined. Because, this diary is the place where he is not judged for all the sense that comes out of his head which shall never make sense to the outside world. And, truth to be told, no one deserves to know.

A woman walking into a bar draped in a saree impeccably with no makeup whatsoever, would have many eyes ROLL and, heads turn, for not the reason a woman would want and yet, she perches herself on a high stool and, orders herself a martini and, watches football match with the same enthusiasm, the other in the room are filled with. Apparently, she is not only high flying in her profession as an author but is, extremely independent about her choices without getting unnerved by the million expectations of the ‘perfect woman’ that stem in the heads of many around her, men and women included.

Or say a couple, where power struggle is real and gets nastier with time. Now, this is an interesting scenario wherein, one spouse somehow feels the insatiable urge to know the other’s professional gig and, by some or the other way, becomes an annoying interference, so much that the other is left confused, disillusioned and tired all the time.

Marital bliss is now an act for such couple. ‘Fake it till you make it!’

Now, this is a peculiar case as, there is an alpha in the couple (not necessarily the male), that always calls the shots. Sadly, the imbalance spills like dirty linen in public. BUT, the imbalance doesn’t weaken the madness yet. Because ambition is a more aggressive madness, many shades darker! The outcome is such that, ambition is almost achieved with a lot of disrespect and disdain earned and, with children growing up with no sense of what is appropriate and, what’s not. Sad is the word. Like they say, ‘Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai…’


And, I am currently observing the last kind very up close. This is a couple that is teaching all the others observing them, HOW TO NOT LIVE HAPPINESS. It is quite a revelation to what ambitions can do to a man and a woman, so much so that as a couple, they tend to destroy every good will with zero ignorance. Nothing could get more sad than that.

Which is exactly why I feel…


Lies and Truth

Late morning musings of an Introvert

Every human we come across is a three dimensional abstract figure…maybe multidimensional too. And certain company awakens the dormant neurons in you and, you feel, ‘Oh! I do share some demons with some out there!!’

The dimensions don’t unveil all at once. It is like peeling off the layers of an onion, and with every layer off, there is a cocktail of expressions, some of laughter, some of comfort, some of sadness, some of disagreement, some of bewilderment, some of enthusiasm and et al. But there is a catch here, the onion here is just a metaphor. And, the onion is probably synonymous with the core of the earth, unexplored a lot still.

So, either there are too many chests of persona to unravel or, there is too less time. Either way, you get across just one of the many bridges you expected to cross, one at a time.


That reminds me of the many times, my close friends feel I do not respond enough and then, out of just no where, I end up stringing cords of beautiful chapters of friendship with some comical and warm memories stored in the deepest chasms of my brain…

Just like them, I too wonder why I am the way I am. There are many question marks to my impulsiveness.

One of which, I still don’t know WHY I exited school groups years back. Maybe, crowd anywhere intimidates me and, I have never known why. ALL I do know is, I don’t like any place with a crowd.


And then, there are dates and events.
The point is, I am not bad with remembering dates (Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg) The point is, I am not amazing with expressing what I feel about the dates, important dates and events. I remember this one time, when I had called up a friend on her birthday, talked about all and sundry for an hour and, just before I was about to hang up, she suddenly asked me if I was forgetting something. Oh yes, I did remember. The friend is a darling and that is why, she is my friend. Needless to mention, my close circle understands the need to NOT dissect my quirkiness that comes with associating with dates and events.

And, my quirks could go on and on, some surprise me and how! Becuse, I realize them only when they are out.


Also, I am not a stickler to traditions. Not that, I don’t respect them. I RESPECT them and, the ones who do, a lot. But what I don’t respect is being judged for it. Maybe I expect a quid pro quo of Non judgment from the same who I don’t judge. However, that is one of the impossible things I am just aware enough to NOT expect. Because, that is how the world is, in all shades and hues of blur.


For some, ambitions are everything.
For some, traditions are everything.
For some, people are everything.
For some, education and the degree if it is everything.
For some, art is everything.

I am not sure, which ‘some’ I fit in. But I would love to be associated with the last. Because Art is the one field most loved by the Gods and most looked down upon by the human kind.

Irony at its best? 😉



Energy – The tricky gift!

*****Energy : a very tricky gift that we are born with…*****

Remember the time when we read about atoms, molecules, protons, electrons, neutrons and what not. How much of a chemistry holds between the atoms and molecules to hold a physical entity together? It is a marvel. And then, every physical entity with its mass as a parameter, holds the key to influence  a chain of events. Mass gets converted to energy and, energy defines everything that is called matter. Maybe, that is the reason they say – Energy matters!

As much as I loathed the last year for the most part, (most part being very painful and uncertain) I also seemed to learn a lot about how energy is everything. As my brother in law, a Personal Energy Management Coach says time and again – “Your energy speaks even before you do.”

Nothing can refute that. Your energy indeed speaks even before you do.



So, it has been some time since I understood how you are treated is more often how you allow yourself to be treated. And, no one teaches you that. You learn along the way painfully and slowly. You see, it is a very hexed situation wherein you want to be heard and no matter how you put your point across, much to your chagrin, you are either ignored or, misunderstood (the latter part being the most likely)

And, when you are in a room where the energy is antagonizing, it surely is not easy to sit comfortably and sip in a drink as, you not only feel out of place and space, but the ego in you gets a major beating as you are trying to make sense of all the nonsense that burgles your ears!


So, when I read about how energy of a person speaks for the person even before he or she enters the room, I wasn’t quite convinced first. Maybe, because that NUDGE of ‘I want a proof for everything’ that I was born with, kept my doubts alive about many things I never was inclined to believe in, the first place.

But, time is a great teacher and, it teaches you in ways you never imagined!

So, the one interesting thing I realized about in the ocean of energy management subject that I am yet to explore….is how your energy speaks for you even before you speak. The cloudburst of epiphany happened only after I, in some moment of being overwhelmed by the urge to descend into the madness of an unhealthy crowd, let down my guard, joined the crowd, was almost on the verge of being converted by the crowd and, finally was knocked out of my senses by the very unsavory incidents that got me into situations I never ever wanted to be a part of. And then, somehow the redemption saw me collecting my sanity in bits and pieces and recreating it again and, conserving, maneuvering and channeling my energies into something useful. Not to mention, in the corrective course of action, the energies met cutting corners wherever they turned.

Still not getting the drift?

Let’s say, I got to be Cady Heron from the Mean girls movie for a month! And that should give you a fair idea on how women tribe could be as nasty and, as good as it can be!


Life’s way of measuring and gauging your energies are very simple. Like the first day in preschool wherein every kid is floating in the same intimidating ocean of uncertainty that is further made to look horrendous with new adults around. So, there is a 50 percent chance for a kid to feel as secure as much as he feels insecure.

And then, there is the primary school followed by high school, college, work, relationships et al. The first day in each phase sets the pace for how things shall pan out for the person. That energy exuded at that moment is what keeps you evolving and adapting to every stumble that you encounter.


And so, when I came to this new place a year back, I did sense a lot of grey shades in the energies around. Or maybe, the energies were made to express a way that got everyone as intimidated. There were cliques, there were rumors, there were gossips, all the essential ingredients for a healthy thriving of an unhealthy environment that sustains on insecurities, fear and misguided rage, again a very unlikely combination that is not to be taken lightly.

The energies weren’t good, is the bottom line. There was also a time when I felt undermined for everything I did and, the rebellion churning in the pit of my stomach was unpredictably going rabid with every passing day. Talk about being pushed to the wall! I think, I recoiled and pushed the wall a little bit further as, I am utterly incapable of hurting someone consciously even as much as I would want to!

For all the fiasco that happened then, there wasn’t  just one person that ought to blamed for sustaining in such an environment. As a group, each was responsible for curbing the rebellion (including me) only because none of us wanted to be a part of more drama that did nothing more than zapping all the productive energies out of us. Worst of all, none stood for the other, the one reason that feminism still has to fight for an identity! Trust me, a man does little damage to a woman as compared to the damage a woman does to her own kind! I saw this up and close!

And in those times when I became fully aware of how I have hit the rock bottom, I also found my way up. I found my space and peace becoming a spoken English Instructor and, teaching a few warm indulgent women about the art of Spoken English. It took me a while but, I did find my groove. And more importantly, I got the recognition I needed from unexpected quarters and that, was my moment of epiphany.

You cannot change energies you do NOT like. But you can always seek new ones!


From then on, there was no looking back and, surprisingly the change came around in the stale energies that surrounded me earlier. People suddenly felt more receptive to what I had to say and, less intimidated by me as a whole. The ego hassles went from extreme to subtle. And the best part was, a team spirit kicked in out of no where, while all the time before, every one in the team was more worried about his or her skin than of the team as a whole.


A lot depends on what kind of team you get in life. And, a lot more depends on the kind of team lead you get for your team.

The energy bands may not be visible to a naked eye. But, they are very much real. As a team lead, you cannot and should not expect to be in good books of the world all the time. What you must expect is to engage all the energies in a way that none feels disrespected and, everyone takes the pride in carrying the team on the sleeve as though it was one’s heart.

And, that is where the team leader’s ability of being remembered and worshiped for the good, is put to test. It is not simple. Because, a team lead is not supposed to micromanage tasks and pit members one against the other. His job is to lead the team like Noah led the animals in the arc he built.

Lead without ego and, embrace faith and hope with pride. 


How has this experience of having witnessed a disillusioned team led with insecurity and bad vibes helped me?

It actually transformed me from an energy disbelieving person to a firm believer in energies.

There were those first few bleak moments when I first caved in, took the fire for someone’s goof up and, saw the veiled glee in a few team members who did what they did only to secure their position in the good books. Did it hurt then? It did. Because, I wouldn’t do that to someone. But, the best part is, I am not angry with any of them because, I also get why they did what they did. Energies are powerful. There are no two ways about it.

But then, with time, Time himself prodded me to ignore those minor hiccups as I managed to earn everyone’s trust by keeping most of my volcanic bouts of anger on icy waters of my head. Because, words once spoken cannot be taken back and, I can literally hear my father’s words resonating every time the urge to lash out tries to take over. And thanks to the patience that was very difficult to sustain but, I knew the patience was all worth it when a lady from another team had walked up to me in one of the parties and in no uncertain tone told me, “You are different, different from the rest of your team. Like, your team has been quite arrogant during its peak times but, I am glad that you did not imbibe those qualities. Just be the way you are.”

I had mixed feelings that night as, I was not all ok with hearing something like that about my team, even though the lady spoke nothing but the truth. But, at the same time, somewhere deep down, I knew I was doing things the right way even though it did not earn much for me from my team for the vision I chose as a team member.


Every experience in life has a reason to exist. And, more the bad experiences, more the disillusionment. Yes, I get that part. But that is where the disillusionment must age and wither away.

Because, it is beyond that hopelessness, we must pass the test and gather hope that things shall always get better only after they have gotten a whole lot worse.

Because, to learn from the journey on how NOT to be, is what sets the rest of your journey on track.

Because, bad company also like good and bad times, doesn’t last forever!

And, that is what the entire energy management preaches as it exists

Observe with a hawk’s eye, be aware of what you observe and imbibe and, then make your moves silently when the time is ripe!

Because it is the most silent moves that often have the largest impact.

Because that is how Mother Nature rehashes her persona through earthquakes and Tsunamis weaving new constructs out of the destruction and, importantly showing the human his place where humility begins to germinate.

Silent and yet, deadly.


Energies are everything. Make sure the energies lift people up as you pace towards your goal post. And, induce the good even if you end up in a bad team. The smirks shall soon be replaced by wonderment. It takes time to help people overcome their insecurities. And, when you help them do, you are sure to have earned a lot of good will and good vibes.

That is exactly what 2018 taught me.


God bless.. 😍😍


To put down or, to lift up

Very few things annoy me now, atleast as compared to the zillion things from a decade back. But, a few things still continue to. And, they not only annoy me but also fill me with utter dismay for my own tribe. Like I always say, womankind is very complicated. It is like dealing with many versions of Rubix Cubes that are busy aligning themselves as per the ‘facts’ they have been marinated and conditioned in. And every time, I come across a woman who ridicules another saying, “Usse to ye hoga hi NAHI!’, it hurts. And, it hurts bad.

So, every time I hear a woman ridiculing another, I remember an incident my mum narrated to me from her childhood. Till class 4, she recounts that she was often labelled ‘dumb’, ‘tubelight’, ‘slow’ and what not. Who would have imagined that my mum not only threw slaps of disbelief on people who ridiculed her then, but also emerged to be one of the brilliant students of her school and college in her later years.

Reason: When none BELIEVED in her, NONE, there was one kind Math teacher who believed in her and said, “YOU CAN! AND, YOU WILL!”. My mum still feels overwhelmed as she fondly remembers this teacher of hers.

Needless to say, my mother not only mentored me through my schooling years but also helped me sail through some of the brain boggling subjects in my engineering days. She later tutored many children in the neighbourbood once I flew the nest. Every time I came home from college in those days, I would see her surrounded by students while she tutored them for 4 to 5 hours straight.

Even today, she does tell my son often… ‘If someone puts you down, thank that person because how else will you get that RAGE to prove him/her wrong!’

Last year as a spoken english instructor, I used to narrate a lot of my mum’s childhood anecdotes to my students, a group of ladies from all age groups, who knew to read and write English but couldn’t speak. Many of them cited ridicule and, a lot of discouragement for the reluctance in speaking English. It took me over a month to drive the quote home – Rome was not built in a day.

And somehow, narration of incidents from my mum’s childhood did bring a major lift in their spirits and atleast, in my class, they spoke with no inhibitions. The grammar wasn’t correct always. The diction did fail them many times. But, the confidence was like the engine that drove their verve to prove themselves and, I adored and respected them for that. Mind well, it takes courage to express when the world is busy trying to put you down.

I remembered this incident today and, realized WHY I feel out of place, many a time in present times.

Because, a book is quickly judged by its cover.
Because, a brain that is conditioned to believe in fear will never evolve to know courage.
Because, a heart that doesn’t know empathy will only revel in apathy.

We live in a world wherein people who dress and live simple are labelled simpletons, people who thrive on fashion inputs are labelled awesome and, people who are kind to others, are branded weak!

It is as though, you have to say something (that something can be total bullshit) to ‘appear intellectual’ in a world of fools. And, that only adds more numbers and strength to fools.


If people knew the enormous power locked in simply being good towards fellow humans in the most basic form, as basic as just listening in silence without interruption or, giving space when required, then even the unachievable in life would seem pretty much within an arm’s reach.

Sadly, We live in a world where everyone is pulling the other down to move up. More efforts are spent in creating an impression rather than effortlessly inducing it with passion and honesty. It is like the class wherein, a teacher asks questions and, there will always be three kinds of students,

one – who don’t know the answer, two – who know the answer and jump to answer for two reasons, A. appreciation for self and,
B. deprecation of the subordinate and,
three – who know the answer but choose not to answer.

The second kind of the above mentioned lot is what you will now find in maximum numbers. There is an insatiable rage to prove self even at the cost of stepping on people’s graves to get ahead in life. I remember this student from the movie – Bad Teacher wherein this student reveals something about her class teacher to another rival teacher only for extra credits. The first time, I saw it, I did feel my gut flip. But then, that is how the current world is where it is ‘Dog eats Dog!’

There is little happiness in people because instead of feeling good about how far they have come, they feel more spite towards how far the others have come.

Strange is destiny and, stranger are its ways when it comes to understanding its designs.

There was a time in my life when I wasn’t in the best of health. That happened just before I got a second chance to live (thanks to an auto immune condition that brought out first, the worst and then, the best in me). It was a time when I did know something was wrong with me but couldn’t figure out what. My mum did mention how I panted walking just a few metres. I had put on a ridiculous amount of weight and, I am uber grateful to my mum who NEVER once criticised me for what I was then, a very angry and a confused woman battling severe post partum and hormonal imbalances. She NEVER made me feel the ogre I had turned into then even as the world around me made subtle comments on my appearance then. And when, I did get my second chance, I understood how my mum’s constant encouragement – ‘You CAN!’, made me pull through those rogue tides of life. Yes, it has taken years for me to embrace myself with love and confidence post my life scarring experience. But ONE woman’s belief in me even at my worst, did what time couldn’t, which was making me a better person than I was before.

And, that is EXACTLY what every woman needs to hear from her soul sister – YOU CAN! YOU WILL! BECAUSE, YOU ARE AWESOME!

If women stood by each other, keeping differences and ego tussles on the side, this world would NOT have to fight for feminism. It would be living it without having to explain it!

Women kind is complicated though. So, instead of being the woman whose exterior is dazzling, it would be refreshing to be someone whose intellect is dazzling. By intellect, I do NOT mean the degrees and professional success ALONE that rally behind. Intellect is more often also knowing when to pitch in and when to back off, a tact that has lost itself in the rat race of today.

This post is dedicated to all strong women who lift others up, YOU ARE AWESOME!



After all,

Downloading musings to pages of life

Of the many things I observed over a year, life imparted many lessons, some easy and, some in a complicated way. Of them, one lesson learned still remains vivid and clear. “Two wrongs NEVER make a right!”. Over the three plus decades of struggling to ‘adult’, I have understood why it is more important to understand why people are the way they are rather than, giving in to knee jerk reactions to the tumultuous ego tussles and, unwanted word wars.

It is crucial to understand people, especially negative ones before undermining them. There is always a trigger. Yes, there is always a trigger and, triggers are contagious.

Essentially, a person’s behaviour is often a reflection of what he or she has grown up imbibing, believing and implementing. Say, a person speaks ill about another person in front of children, the children ought to get slowly into the mo(u)ld of gossip and ill will. I know now better why my parents would eyeball me in subtle ways when guests would come. It was a clear indication – I had no business listening to what was being discussed among them. And, as a mother today, I understand the need for children to find their own comfort in a place sans adults. Because, as adults, our vices fight with our virtues and, at some time or the other in life, we give in to vices of gossiping and back biting too, something we don’t want our children to imbibe. But then, women especially can NEVER denounce the itch to gossip, no matter how enlightened witches they turn out to be. So, it is all the more important to choose the right company.

After all, It is very natural for a human to pick up traits of the company he or she entertains. However, it is also unhealthy if the company is something akin to what Regina George and her stooges ran in the movie – Mean Girls. (This movie never fails to impart important life lessons, thanks to Tina Fey)

Apparently, I feel the woman kind is a complicated lot.

There is a good and a bad in every company a woman keeps. Lucky are those women whose company brings the best in everyone. Because, in such a company, there is a maturity to overlook certain idiosyncracies and, sustain in harmony. Whereas, in a company where women prefer to embrace the masks of ‘the plastics’, it is a battle to walk the rope of balance without getting influenced by the traits you never knew in your upbringing.

And yet, there are times when those unsavoury traits cling to you like a bubblegum sticking to your shoe, and in weak moments, you do succumb to the advances of your reptilian side and, end up adapting to an environment you don’t necessarily comprehend.

I believe, it happens to all. At some time or the other.. Almost all.

But, what is important is being aware of the pull from the dark side. To be aware of one’s thoughts that translate into words and, words that roll into action is a litmus test of one’s character. And, it is not easy when the energies around vengefully try to invade into one’s mental space.

It is often said that, it is easy to secure your assets. But, it ain’t that easy to secure your mind, especially in a world where if you don’t speak for yourself, some eager advocate will pop in from some other planet and, speak the incorrigible on your behalf. And if you speak, there is a high chance that you are surrounded by people you simply DON’T vibe with!

Life is funny and, how!

You meet who you seek only after you have met all those who have made you cringe!

You appreciate simple things in life only after you ignored the very simple things in the quest of ‘the fancy’.

You know what you want only after going through years of confusion about not knowing what you want from life.

And, women kind, as I mentioned, is a complicated lot. As a woman, I couldn’t agree more. But then, women are also wired different.

We swing between the high heavens and deep hells our minds weave and, somehow ‘sucker punch’ our way out from the muddle we create so meticulously.

We can transform from the ‘white witch’ avatar to the ‘dark witch’ with no warnings, and can transform vice verca with no indications either, baffling every life kind on Earth.

We are like the unforseen tornados that swell with energies not known to the world and yet, choose to forget our storms when the love of sisterhood sails strong. And nothing hurts more than a soul sister letting one down. Strangely, it stings the most!

In short, we are the predictably unpredictable kind that was engineered with histories and mysteries, untold!

Which is exactly why men have no freaking business in the ‘Ya Ya Sisterhood’!



P.S: Not everything that tumbles out of my head need make sense. So, if it doesn’t make sense to you, ignore it. If it does, you know what….there are people who get me. 😁😁